Trump: Living Metaphor For American Conservatism

March, 2016 Feature--Truth Based Logic

Conservatism is first a personality trait before it is reflected in opinions on public issues. Building on foundations, Trump is instinctively Conservative. Where the attacks on Donald Trump fail.

For most of us, Conservatism is first a personality trait; an instinct, preference or attitude, long before it is reflected on specific issues or a cluster of policies, opinions or formal commitments. Before we embrace or identify with particular conservative positions on contemporary issues, we have (generally speaking) found a sense of comfort or security in past wisdom--the accumulated customs & values forged in the crucible of ancestral struggle--of such segment of humanity as that with which we genetically or emotionally identify. In the later process of developing stands on specific issues, most of us have come, quite rationally, to recognize an inherent or natural fairness in allowing those who have achieved, whether greatly or modestly, to enjoy, retain & eventually pass on the fruits of that achievement--material, cultural & spiritual--down through the generations.

Conservatives understand that all positive human progress begins with a building process. It usually starts with family formation, assumed personal responsibility within that family, and a generation by generation awareness of the need to base each contemporary endeavor on what was valid in past achievement. This conservative methodology includes knowledge gained by trial & error, deep reflection on a growing "nest egg" of historic experience, to better understand what works to positive purpose in the ongoing struggle of a particular people to achieve their highest aspirations.

Almost all, who come on mature reflection to consider themselves "Conservative," develop such a foundation for conservative belief--whether consciously or sub-consciously-- before we reach a point in our development, when we become aware of complex public policy, ideological or community issues, that divide an older generation. In the case of adult subjects, whose perspective is primarily focused on pursuits or interest of a non-ideological nature; such may never focus on the complex context of public issues from a perspective that actually reflects the innate conservative personality of a particular subject.

Thus an adult Ronald Reagan headed a, probably left of center, Screen Actors Guild for years, before his instinctive Conservatism led him to embrace the candidacy of Barry Goldwater. Thus Donald Trump focused for decades on building beautiful buildings, before he came effectively to challenge Leftist fallacies over a wide spectrum in both domestic & foreign policy.

Is Trump a true Conservative? We believe that he is more clearly an instinctive Conservative than any other contemporary candidate, with the possible exception of Ted Cruz. This does not mean that he is as articulate as Ted Cruz in explaining a Conservative philosophy, or in arguing against particular Leftist theories. He is, as it were, new to the effort. Yet even while his focus was on building beautiful structures, Trump was systematically applying techniques--however innovative in particular instances--based on the accumulated knowledge of great architects & builders. A focus, where theory follows actual experience--concrete experience;--rather than the fantasy that drives the Left.

Thus Donald Trump is analogous to the great physicist, who attributed much of his formidable achievement to having stood on the shoulders of "giants" who had gone before. Thus Donald Trump has achieved success in a manner analogous to those early settlers, from whom America's Founding Fathers descended: Men who built a social order, step by step, from the ground up.

Trump, better understood, is almost an implied or symbolic metaphor for the experience based roots of American Conservatism. (America Grounded On Experience & Reason)

Where The Attacks On Donald Trump Fail

Most of the attacks on Trump's "Conservatism" are based upon cherry picking among his actions and pronouncements from years ago. The relevance of such material is dubious at best. Up until recently, Trump was focused on great building ventures. He was not focused on political ventures. Preoccupied with building, he only casually observed the political drama, comedy or tragedy. Those former comments & associations, now being thrown at him, were but relative small talk, not based on real attention to the subject matter; or, at worst, casual socializing. He was largely preoccupied with major projects; with financing, building & promoting, great structures.

Yet what does a great builder do? He starts with a conceived foundation--based on experience--and step by step, drawing on the architectural experience of the ages, he recruits the architects, contractors, & financing to build the subject of his focus. This is a very clear metaphor for the source of American Conservatism--the step by step construction of a political society, by the descendants of the original settlers; the descendants, whom we call the "Founding Fathers."

The charge has been made that Donald Trump is "authoritarian." But of all the candidates, Trump has made the clearest statement that he intends to close the Federal Department of Education; to return control of public education to the States, parents & local school boards. That position is consistent with that of our Founding Fathers; a repudiation of the uniformity of thought, being demanded by those we label "politically correct."

The charge has been made that Donald Trump may back-slide towards flippant remarks & stands taken when he was not yet focused on the real needs of an ongoing American political society--on the preservation of a free, prosperous & sovereign America. This presupposes that Trump is just another dishonest politician. But is such a cynical view justified?

Consider: No one doubts that Donald Trump is a proud man. His foes may attribute it to arrogance. Yet no one, friend or foe, who listens to his speeches; no one who looks at the huge "Trump" signs on Trump's major buildings, can doubt that he is a proud man, who cares passionately about his public image.

For decades, this proud man--and we mean it in the positive, not arrogant, sense--has left his signature mark on the products of his labor, his buildings, resorts, golf courses, etc.. Yet this exhaustive, eight month, mold breaking, not "politically correct," campaign has eclipsed even that lifelong pursuit as a builder. He has drawn close & intense attention--a defining attention--an almost certainly historic attention--that no one with Trump's pride in accomplishment, would ever take lightly.

With a few bold stokes of historic significance, Trump has single-handedly broken the hold that "politically correct" bullies have long exerted over the vast bulk of those euphemistically described as "public servants." Thanks to Trump, it may never again be quite so easy to intimidate dissent in America.

With a few unpleasant, yet effective, strokes on the platform in Presidential debates, Trump has easily derailed the plans of political bullies & the incredibly wealthy users of those political bullies, who were trying to force the nomination of another globalist, Neocon influenced, candidate on the Republican Party; clearly demonstrating the tactical impotence of the badly compromised Republican "Establishment" in Washington.

So proud & accomplished a political novice will not likely betray the commitments, made to those who have rallied to his banner in his finest hour!

William Flax

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