Conservative Debate Handbook

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Introduction--Logistics Of Political Debate

Chapter I--American Constitutional Overview

Chapter II--Right To Keep & Bear Arms

Chapter III--Leftwing Word Games & Religious Freedom

Chapter IV-- Case Against World Government

Chapter V--Rape Of Tolerance (How The Left Keeps Minorities Dependent)

Chapter VI--Case Against Disarmament

Chapter VII--Lies Of Socialism

Chapter VIII--Feminist War On Love & Reason

Chapter IX--Moral Bases Of A Political Society

Chapter X--Universal Suffrage--A Threat To Liberty, Not A Guarantee of Virtue

Chapter XI--Battle Over Patterns Of Personal Identification

Chapter XII--The Political Spectrum

Chapter XIII--How To Recognize The Bigot In The Argument

Chapter XIV--Economics & Common Sense

Chapter XV--Immigration & The American Future

Chapter XVI--Myths & Myth Makers In American "Higher" Education

Chapter XVII--Issues In The Debate Over Abortion

Chapter XVIII--An American Foreign Policy

Chapter XIX--"Civil Rights" vs. A Free Society

Chapter XX--Medicare--Panacea Or Death Potion?

Chapter XXI--The Semi-Autonomous Family

Chapter XXII--Perspective & Focus--A Closer Look

Chapter XXIII--Notes On Method & Purpose

Chapter XXIV--Effective Use Of Irony & Satire

Chapter XXV--Democracy In The Third World, Destructive Egalitarian Myth

Chapter XXVI--Progressive" Income Tax--Destructive Socialist Misnomer

Chapter XXVII--Persuasive Use Of Images

Chapter XXVIII--Public Schools: Issues & Reality; Education & Politics

Chapter XXIX--Cause & Effect, Avoiding Obvious Error

Chapter Last--Conservative Potpourri

Postscript--Note Of Caution As To Other People's Motives

Appendix--Declaration Of Independence--With Study Guide

Compulsion For Uniformity (Common Base: Communism, National Socialism & Modern "Liberalism")

How The Welfare State Works!

Conservative Intelligence Center

November, 2019>>
American Dream Or Human Nightmare?

March, 2019>>
Irresponsible or Insane? A Federal Tax On Wealth!

January, 2019>>
Grievances & Grievance Mongers!

Footnote On Egalitarian Compulsion

November, 2018>>
Feminist Hatred Of Judge Kavanaugh; Feminist War On Love & Reason

September, 2018>>
The Last Chance? [Can Trump revive the aspirational Spirit of '76?]

July, 2018>>
War On An American Future [More Leftist Misdirection]

May, 2018>>
Misdirection: Destructive Leftist Tactic

Leftist War On Social Continuity

January, 2018>>
Hungarian Patriots & An Internationalist Betrayal Of America

September, 2017>>
Absurdity At Google

July, 2017>>
Tactics For Victory

March/April, 2017>>
What Drives The Trump Haters

November, 2016>>
Hillary Clinton: Confused As Well As Corrupt

September, 2016>>
"Who We Are" (Trump Supporters)

July, 2016>>
Trump: The Issue

March, 2016>>
Donald Trump: Metaphor For American Conservatism

February, 2016>>
Conservative Or Egoist? (Trump & Cruz)

September, 2015>>
Reality Is Not A Grievance

May, 2015>>
Gift That Keeps On Taking

February, 2015>>
How You Define A Problem May Define You

November, 2014>>
Multi-Cultural Absurdity

August, 2014>>
Response To Anti-American Lies

June, 2014>>
Prosperity & Peace Depend On Mutual Respect

April, 2014>>
Crimea's Return To Russia

March, 2014>>
Another Variation On Demonic Theme

February, 2014>>
Variations On Demonic Theme

January, 2014>>
Perspective Governs Values

September, 2013>>
Corporate Managers & Immigration

Tribute To Harry Byrd Family>>
Senator Harry F. Byrd, Sr.

July, 2013>>
Compassion Or Compulsion? (Egalitarianism)

June, 2013>>
Jason Richwine & The Assault On America's Future

May, 2013>>
Agenda Serving Bullies, Crack-Pots Betraying Duty?

April, 2013>>
Implied Powers? Clear Limitations!

March, 2013>>
Compounding Disintegration

February, 2013>>
Missing Link To An Armed Citizenry

January, 2013>>
Missing Link To Reality

December, 2012>>
Whither American Conservatism?

November, 2012>>
Obama Or America--Irreconcilable Differences

October, 2012>>
Losing America's Multi-Generational Purpose

August, 2012>>
Social Reform: Confusion & "Unintended Consequences?"

July, 2012>>
Cloud Dancing Revisited--A Spreading Contagion

May, 2012>>
Blame & Envy--Demagogues' Path To Power

April, 2012>>
"Diversity": Reality vs. Leftist Fantasy

March, 2012>>
World Government? Surrender By Subterfuge!

February, 2012>>
Conflicting Premises For A Social Order

January, 2012>>
Pseudo Pragmatism--Political Folly

December, 2011>>
"Occupy Wall Street": Fruits Of Corrupt Education

November, 2011>>
Reality--Paths To Success & A Path To Failure.

October, 2011>>
Socialist Policy Effects On Specific Groups

September, 2011>>
Debt Default In America

August, 2011>>
Egalitarian Collectivism Sabotages Human Potential

July, 2011>>
Pursuit Of "Diversity," Return To Babel?

May, 2011>>
Freedom Of Choice? Gulliver Discovers America!

April, 2011>>
Libya, America & The Law Of Nations

March, 2011>>
How To Avoid Economic Crises!

February, 2011>>
Threats To Social Security

January, 2011>>
Social Security? Enemy Of Social Security!

December, 2010>>
Job Creation Or Egalitarianism

November, 2010>>
Perception Of Reality--Or Lack Of It

October, 2010>>
Plastique In The Foundation--Martin Luther King

September, 2010>>
Time--Neglected Dimension In Social & Economic Analysis

August, 2010>>
A Place For The America We Knew?

July, 2010>>
American Essentials

June, 2010>>
Ultimate Insult--A Perspective On Egalitarianism

May, 2010 Answer To April, 2010>>
America, Built On Experience & Reason

April, 2010>>
Cloud Dancing--Social Medium For Scoundrels, Neurotics & Dolts

March, 2010>>
Keynesian Harvest, 2008 & Beyond

February, 2010>>
Trust In Government Or Education?

January, 2010>>
Saving For A Future

December, 2009>>
Gold & Money In America

November, 2009>>
Leftist Intolerance--2009

October, 2009>>
Health Care--The Real Issue

September, 2009>>
Health Care Or Armageddon?

August, 2009>>
Self-Destruction--Conditioned Reflex?

July, 2009>>
Gaming The Question--Staple of Demagogues

June, 2009>>
Better Term: "Liberal" Or "Mipip?"

May, 2009>>
"Social Justice"--Not Social & Not Just

April, 2009>>
Keynes & The Keynesian Appeal

March, 2009>>
Addiction: An Economy Dependent Upon Easy Credit

February, 2009>>
Function Of Money--A Medium Of Exchange

Keynes At Harvard--Quacks In Education & Government

Congress & The Regulation Of Commerce

January, 2009>>
Conservatives, 2009--Living With Obama!

December, 2008>>
America: Clear Vision Or Confusion, Fear & Corruption

November, 2008>>
Obama, The Week After: A Dissent

October, 2008>>
Obama: Community Organizer

September, 2008>>
The Price Of Egalitarianism

August, 2008>>
An Unfortunate Milestone--The Accidental American

Our Duty, If Present Trends Continue?

Leftwing Chickens Coming Home (Obama)

Race & Ethnic Politics--America, 2008

Playing With Matches: Peter Pan In The Great Rift Valley

Liberty: The Basics

200th Anniversary: Stop Bringing In Others To Do Jobs Americans Do Not Want

International Relations: The A & Q Personality

The Responsibility Factor

Letter To Senator Lindsey Graham

Greatest Mischief Ever Wrought

2007--Reason Or Compulsion? The Future!

Talk With Your 'Kids': Drugs, Truth & Family

Conservative Dilemma, 2006: Rove Directed Republican Disaster

Promoting Hate In America--A Case Study: SPLC In Action

Death Of Community

2006--Dangerous Intellectual Confusion Of A President

Answer To George W. Bush On Immigration

September, 2006--A Corkscrew Into The Heart Of America

July, 2006--George Bush's Grovels To The NAACP

Tactics To Redeem America's Heritage

Dance Of The Judas Goats: A Fire Bell In The Night

A Full House For Disaster

Four Of A Kind: Foundations For An American Future

Police/Community Relations: Origins Of A Problem

Context: Essential, Nearly Lost, Attribute Of Reason

Letter To The New Graduate

Terry Schiavo: An End To Rational Analysis?

Clinton/Bush Era: How We Got Here.

George Washington & George Bush Debate Foreign Policy

Neocon Phenomenon

Classic Example, Debater's Art--Daniel Webster's Greatest Speech

Classic On State & Federal Relations--John C. Calhoun's Fort Hill Address

Humor Break From Real Debate: The Debating Society

No American journalist in the 20th Century wrote with greater clarity or precision, none with more compelling rhetoric or cadence, than James Jackson Kilpatrick, Editor of the Richmond (Virginia) News Leader in the 1950s and early '60s. In 1957, he wrote The Sovereign States to challenge increasing Federal encroachment into State and local affairs. The book was not only philosophically and Constitutionally sound; it exhibited, in sparkling prose, some of the best American Conservative writing of the 20th Century. Now, 60+ years later, it is available on line:
The Sovereign States

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