Jason Richwine & The Assault On America's Future

June, 2013 Feature--Truth Based Logic

Jason Richwine study of racial genetics & intelligence in context of attacks on American cultural foundations. Conservatives who would defend heritage while ignoring the predicates of heritage. The broader onslaught.

The reported purging of Jason Richwine, a bright young Conservative who had been working on immigration questions for the Heritage Foundation, after obtaining a Ph.D. from Harvard in 2009, has reminded Americans of a multi-generational effort to suppress pursuit of truth on the actual & measurable differences in mental aptitudes linked to heritable, or genetic, factors. Conservatives--and all who respect people as the quite varied creatures that they are--have long had to deal with hysterical attacks from fantasy seeking Egalitarians, for daring to recognize that all do not achieve in the same way, or at the same level. But the attacks on anyone in an academic field, who dares to challenge fallacies promoted by such would be academic bullies as adherents to the Boas school of cultural anthropology (or by like-minded propagandists in related disciplines since the 1920s), are usually the most vicious. Since these often involve unfounded aspersions to the intellectual integrity of one involved in such unwanted research, coupled with accusations of hate-filled motives, the mere threat of such reaction has been sufficient to stifle the quests of all but the boldest truth seekers.

While there may have been additional factors, of which we are not aware, it appears that the Heritage Foundation was quite content to "accept" the resignation of Doctor Richwine, after public revelation that his doctoral dissertation had explored the considerable body of evidence that the average Hispanic immigrant into the United States has a measurable IQ, lower than that of the average White of European heritage. Apparently, no one, in accepting that resignation, felt obliged to acknowledge that Doctor Richwine had correctly reported the available data to support the point. No one appeared to even regret the loss of the services of a genuine Conservative from Harvard, at what is supposed to be a Conservative "Think-Tank." Indeed, the "Heritage Foundation" appeared rather embarrassed that anyone would have dared to suggest such a comparative mental advantage among those most closely linked to the heritage with which most Americans identify!

It is difficult to imagine a scientific inquiry, more important to the American future than one intended to determine the mental capacity & personal characteristics of potential immigrants. Yet the failure of the Heritage Foundation to defend its young scholar, illustrates but one of several critical areas of academic concern, where traditional values are being undermined with less than effective defense, because of multi-faceted, yet intellectually dishonest, attacks on the cultural foundations of America. We have tried to put these attacks into context, both as separate issues, and in relation to one another--in some detail, to good purpose--in the Conservative Debate Handbook:

(See, inter alia, Chapter XVI, Myths & Myth Makers; Chapter III, Religious Freedom; Chapter XIII, Recognize The Bigot.)

Conservatives Who Defend Heritage Yet Ignore the Predicates of Heritage

We would never suggest that the Heritage Foundation does not do much that is very constructive. If we are critical, here, it is more with sorrow than with anger. Yet what could be more central to heritage than a study of the heritable traits of a people in relation to other peoples? There has long been controversy as to the relative effects of nature & nurture--genes vs. training & development. One must recognize that both nature & nurture play a part in any personality, even as the interactive dynamic of specific personalities will define heritage in any society. For an educational foundation, devoted to the preservation of heritage, to settle for anything less than full exploration of the human origins of the heritage it seeks to preserve, is absurd. (For a specific note on the compulsion not to study human differences, in comparison with the approach to every other subject of human interest, organic or inorganic, see Footnote.)

In his one book, Notes On The State Of Virginia (1782), Thomas Jefferson wrote, "To our reproach, it must be said, that though for a century and a half we have had under our eyes the races of black and of red men, they have never yet been viewed by us as subjects of natural history." Jefferson considered the New World differences between Anglo & Hispanic culture to be so significant, that he premised the purchase of Louisiana on establishing a buffer. (See American Immigration Policy.) Jason Richwine's doctoral study would have been applauded by the author of our Declaration Of Independence. That fact, alone, makes any Heritage Foundation effort to distance itself, seem ridiculous.

The most likely explanation for a failure of "Heritage" to stand behind its young scholar, is simply fear of the reaction by academic zealots, who have shouted down more than a few dissidents, daring to challenge the mantra of human interchangeability; noteworthy pathfinders, Nobel Prize winners & well recognized scholars in related disciplines, among the victims. But if a result of moral cowardice, it is nonetheless a capitulation that reveals fundamental confusion as to how the assault on heritage is, and has been, waged. If not reversed, it must compromise their other efforts. For denial of the social significance of race is but one of several key denials that undermine the foundations of a traditional nation, culture or self-sustaining community. And a refusal to challenge such efforts on the racial front, signals, loud & clear, the success of a methodology that will inevitably destroy those who do not fully understand it.

Heritage involves a people's identity; their common values, including Faith & a sense of community; the mores of an accepted family structure; recognized role models--those who epitomize accepted virtues, including those perceived as male & female ideals. Clearly, all such foundational attributes are under attack; generally from the same Egalitarian mindset that hisses venom at the merest suggestion of significant racial differences in definable intelligence. Yet rather than just list ways that the attributes of traditional heritage are under attack, consider stated objectives of those leading that attack:

Note in "Myths & Myth Makers," that Ashley Montagu (foremost denier of racial reality), Gordon Allport (his writing used for decades to convince College undergraduates that any ethnic or religious preference, even family preference, was a shameful "prejudice") & Norman Cousins (leading advocate for changing the focus in education from how peoples differed--or were unique--to teaching how they were the same), all embraced the idea of world government. Such men attacked from different "intellectual" fields; yet each sought abolition of the Nation, as the concept had been accepted. In Cousins' case, it was the avowed objective. (See Surrender By Subterfuge.)

In "Myths & Myth Makers," we analyze obvious fallacies in Montagu & Allport's argument. In other Chapters & linked articles, we argue that the suppression of objective racial or ethnic study is an insult to all of us; a detriment to any group trying to achieve maximum potential, because it inhibits factual focus on development of their most valued traits. A similar reality works against both men & women, the result of an equally absurd need to pretend that differences between the sexes are less significant than they actually are. The point is that both the attack on racial study & awareness, and a trivialization of sex roles, are, in fact, parts of a larger, more encompassing, assault on the foundations of heritage; indeed, on the very continuation of heritage! There is nothing idealistic or altruistic about any part of this; and for the "Heritage" Foundation to allow itself to be effectively detoured into acceptance of the proscriptions of those who war on heritage, is something that no Conservative--no philosophically honest person--can find acceptable.

Put otherwise, can one justify not seeking to better understand differences between nations? Can one defend American heritage by substituting the rationalizations of Ashley Montagu, Gordon Allport & Norman Cousins, for the clear perspective of Thomas Jefferson?

The Broader Onslaught

Attacks on racial understanding, ethnic continuity--even the very concept of a nation--as those on traditional sex roles; all reflect, in part, what we have termed a Compulsion For Uniformity. This is also consistent with a pursuit of world government. But such sources for mischief must be seen in the context of a yet broader onslaught; one which, unchecked, may completely dismantle virtually every basis for an ongoing social or political order. To comprehend the complexity & extent of the onslaught against American continuity--even an American ethos & spirit--consider sometimes seemingly unconnected phenomena:

1. A massive shift towards ever greater dependence upon a remote central Government, exercising powers never granted to it by the United States; a shift towards virtual disregard for the written Constitution & the ethos of American self-reliance & individual responsibility. This includes not only a Federal seizure of health-care & a growing intrusion into local education, but an almost unrelenting assault on citizen access to private arms--an access essential to the traditional role of the citizen in securing both liberty & public safety, as the Constitutional Fathers intended. These attacks on local societies, premised from Independence on personal responsibility, may already exceed the extent of those catalogued by Thomas Jefferson in his 1776 indictment of the British Government.

2. A multi-generational attack on traditional family development; with easy divorce, trivialization of long accepted sex roles, promotion of a malevolent fancy that men & women are competing interest groups, and an ever increasing interference in child rearing. We now even see an effort to radically redefine the very concept of marriage, from the traditional purpose--a sacred bond, requiring consummation between man & woman to sanctify procreational family functions--to acceptance as something, which must include relationships that the founders of America considered an "abomination." Since functional family structures have always provided the foundation for any ongoing social order, this has immense potential consequences--none of which serve any useful purpose.

3. Beyond the damage from 1 & 2, we have local school districts removing the Ten Commandments from buildings--ridiculous, when you remember that many of the original settlements were by people intent to live among those who shared their religious beliefs;--efforts to replace enthusiastic competition in school sport by forms of play without a winner or loser; and systematic suppression of normal boyish attraction to play guns, pictured weapons & battle simulation; while the Federal Government finances an attack on community cohesion by deliberately placing Welfare recipients in affluent neighborhoods.

Do any of these phenomena make it easier to preserve an American Heritage, articulated by Thomas Jefferson & his contemporaries? Do any make it more likely that we will be able to maintain our Liberty & Independence? Every listed manifestation of the onslaught is a direct attack on heritage.

The hour is late. Yet, even as at the dawn of Independence, our hope must lie in the pursuit of truth. American Conservatives must not allow themselves to be intimidated by slogan spouting adversaries; intimidated to the extent that they agree to substitute the dogma of a Gordon Allport, who sought to end American Independence, for the wisdom of the Thomas Jefferson, who articulated it so magnificently. We should, indeed, study the races of Mankind as subjects of natural history; and the comparative tendency to produce beings of various levels of mental aptitude, is but one of a vast array of factors, which could increase our understanding of the dynamics of human action.

Yet more important, in the American context, would be to study how to identify those who combine intelligence & a sense of adventure, with an ability to resist social pressures that undermine an independent spirit. The Founding Fathers came not only from intelligent stock; they were the select leadership of select peoples; select by their forebears' choice to hazard greatly--leaving less enterprising neighbors (the huddled masses) to a far more collectivized social model in the lands of origin--to chart a bolder future. Our institutions reflect those settlers' choice. Thomas Jefferson would have encouraged Jason Richwine to continue to seek better understanding of the human factors involved in cultural development. Those who would destroy the heritage, which he articulated, have a very different agenda.

William Flax

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