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Return Of The Gods

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March, 2019>>
Irresponsible or Insane? A Federal Tax On Wealth!

January, 2019>>
Grievances & Grievance Mongers!

Footnote On Egalitarian Compulsion

November, 2018>>
Feminist Hatred Of Judge Kavanaugh; Feminist War On Love & Reason

September, 2018>>
The Last Chance? [Can Trump revive the aspirational Spirit of '76?]

July, 2018>>
War On An American Future [More Leftist Misdirection]

May, 2018>>
Misdirection: Destructive Leftist Tactic

Leftist War On Social Continuity

January, 2018>>
Hungarian Patriots & An Internationalist Betrayal Of America

September, 2017>>
Absurdity At Google

July, 2017>>
Tactics For Victory

March/April, 2017>>
What Drives The Trump Haters

November, 2016>>
Hillary Clinton: Confused As Well As Corrupt

September, 2016>>
"Who We Are" (Trump Supporters)

July, 2016>>
Trump: The Issue

March, 2016>>
Donald Trump: Metaphor For American Conservatism

February, 2016>>
Conservative Or Egoist? (Trump & Cruz)

September, 2015>>
Reality Is Not A Grievance

May, 2015>>
Gift That Keeps On Taking

February, 2015>>
How You Define A Problem May Define You

November, 2014>>
Multi-Cultural Absurdity

August, 2014>>
Response To Anti-American Lies

June, 2014>>
Prosperity & Peace Depend On Mutual Respect

April, 2014>>
Crimea Returns To Russia

March, 2014>>
Another Variation On Demonic Theme

February, 2014>>
Variations On Demonic Theme

January, 2014>>
: Perspective Governs Values

September, 2013>>
Corporate Managers & "Immigration Reform"

Tribute To Virginia Byrds>>
Senator Harry F. Byrd, Sr.

July, 2013>>
Compassion Or Compulsion?

Footnote On Egalitarian Compulsion

June, 2013>>
Jason Richwine & The Assault On America's Future

May, 2013>>
Agenda Serving Bullies?

April, 2013>>
Implied Powers? Clear Limitations!

March, 2013>>
Compounding Disintegration

February, 2013>>
Missing Link To An Armed Citizenry

January, 2013>>
Missing Link To Reality

December, 2012>>
Whither American Conservatism?

November, 2012>>
Obama Or America--Irreconcilable Differences

October, 2012>>
Losing America's Multi-Generational Purpose

August, 2012>>
Social Reform: Confusion & "Unintended Consequences?"

July, 2012>>
Cloud Dancing Revisited--A Spreading Contagion

May, 2012>>
Blame & Envy Cocktail--Demagogues' Path To Power

April, 2012>>
"Diversity": Reality vs. Leftist Fantasy

March, 2012>>
World Government? Surrender By Subterfuge!

February, 2012>>
Conflicting Views On Core Premises

January, 2012>>
Pseudo Pragmatism--Political Folly, Foreign & Domestic

December, 2011>>
"Occupy Wall Street": Fruits Of Corrupt Education

November, 2011>>
Paths To Success & A Path To Failure.

October, 2011>>
Socialist Policy Effects On Specific Groups

September, 2011>>
Debt Default In America

August, 2011>>
Egalitarian Collectivism Sabotages Human Potential

July, 2011>>
Pursuit Of "Diversity," Return To Babel?

June, 2011>>
Gold & Money In America, II

May, 2011>>
Freedom Of Choice? Gulliver Discovers America!

April, 2011>>
Libya, America & The Law Of Nations

March, 2011>>
How To Avoid Economic Crises!

February, 2011>>
Threats To Social Security

January, 2011>>
Social Security? Enemy Of Social Security!

December, 2010>>
Job Creation Or Egalitarianism

November, 2010>>
Perception Of Reality--Or Lack Of It

October, 2010>>
Plastique In The Foundation--Martin Luther King

September, 2010>>
Time--Neglected Dimension In Social & Economic Analysis

August, 2010>>
A Place For The America We Knew?

July, 2010>>
American Essentials

June, 2010>>
Ultimate Insult--A Perspective On Egalitarianism

May, 2010 Answer To April, 2010>>
America, Built On Experience & Reason

April, 2010>>
Cloud Dancing--Social Medium For Scoundrels, Neurotics & Dolts

March, 2010>>
Keynesian Harvest, 2008

February, 2010>>
Trust In Government Or Education?

January, 2010>>
Saving For A Future

December, 2009>>
Gold & Money In America

November, 2009>>
Leftist Intolerance--2009

October, 2009>>
Health Care--The Real Issue

September, 2009>>
Health Care Or Armageddon?

August, 2009>>
Self-Destruction--Conditioned Reflex?

July, 2009>>
Gaming The Question--Staple of Demagogues

June, 2009>>
Better Term: "Liberal" Or "Mipip?"

May, 2009>>
"Social Justice"--Not Social & Not Just

April, 2009--Economics Of A Sociopath>>
Keynes & The Keynesian Appeal

March, 2009>>
Addiction: An Economy Dependent Upon Easy Credit

February, 2009>>
Function Of Money--A Medium Of Exchange

Congress & The Regulation Of Commerce

January, 2009>>
Conservatives In 2009--Living With Obama!

Keynes At Harvard--New Edition: Quacks In Education

December, 2008>>
America: Clear Vision Or Confusion, Fear & Corruption

November, 2008>>
Obama & The Week After: A Dissent

October, 2008>>
Obama: Community Organizer

September, 2008>>
The Price Of Egalitarianism

August, 2008>>
An Unfortunate Milestone--The Accidental American

July, 2008>>
Our Duty, If Present Trends Continue?

June, 2008>>
Conservative Political Dilemma--2008

May, 2008>>
Leftwing Chickens Coming Home (Obama)

April, 2008>>
Race & Ethnic Politics--America, 2008

March, 2008>>
Playing With Matches: Peter Pan In The Great Rift Valley

February, 2008>>
The Issues: You Decide

January, 2008>>
Ron Paul--Response To Common Questions

November, 2007>>
Liberty: The Basics

October, 2007>>
John Edwards & A New Bondage

September, 2007>>
Bicentennial Ignored [Stop Bringing In Others For Work Americans Do Not Want]

August, 2007>>
International Relations: The A & Q Personality

July, 2007>>
Ron Paul For President

June, 2007>>
The Responsibility Factor

Letter To Senator Lindsey Graham

April, 2007>>
Greatest Mischief Ever Wrought

March, 2007>>
Turning Quick Victory Into Pursuit Of Fantasy

February, 2007>>
Reason Or Compulsion? The Future!

January, 2007>>
Talk With Your 'Kids'--Drugs, Truth & Family Purpose

December, 2006>>
2006 Dilemma: Rove Directed Republican Disaster

Creating Hate In America>>
A Case Study: SPLC In Action

More SPLC Action

November, 2006>>
Death Of Community

October, 2006>>
'Clueless'--Dangerous Intellectual Confusion Of A President

September, 2006>>
A Corkscrew Into The Heart Of America

August, 2006>>
George Bush Grovels To The NAACP

July, 2006>>
Tactics To Redeem America's Heritage

How To Destroy America>>
President Bush On Immigration--May, 2006

June, 2006>>
Oil & Economics 101

May, 2006>>
Iran--How Not To Address Sensitive Issues

March, 2006 Response To "A Full House For Disaster">>
Four Of A Kind: Perspective For An American Future

February, 2006--What Went Wrong In America In The 20th Century>>
A Full House For Disaster

Dancing Judas Goats: A Fire Bell In The Night

October, 2005--Real Issue In New Orleans

September, 2005--Police/Community Relations, Origins Of A Problem

August, 2005--Days Of Shame

July, 2005--Context: Essential, Nearly Lost, Attribute Of Reason

June, 2005--Letter To The New Graduate

May, 2005--Terry Schiavo: An End To Rational Analysis?

April, 2005--The Clinton/Bush Era: How We Got Here. Do We Escape?

March, 2005--George Washington & George Bush Debate Foreign Policy

February, 2005--The Neo-Con Phenomenon

Iraq, January, 2005--Major Fallacies In Bush Approach

Iraq, February, 2004--Tactical Folly, Strategic Madness

2004--An American Lament

Faces Of Fanaticism

Edgar Allan Poe On Fanaticism

Pestilence of Fanaticism (Sen. Reed On Intrusive Government)

Reed Attack On Majority Rule

2004--Trial Attorney Abuses Client Trust For Political Purpose>>
Rebuke To James G. Sokolove

Rove Undermines Republicans>>
Karl Rove--Dysron, Quack Or Mole?

Karl Rove Revisited!

Send David Frum (Poseur) To Haiti

Racial Denial In America--Politics In A Pavlovian Kennel

War On Terror>>
Shortest, Surest Path To Victory

Boy Scouts Of America & A Leftwing Agenda

Wrong Direction>>
Open Letter To European Conservatives

Answer To Big Lie (2002)--The Big Truth

Ongoing Leftist Attack>>
Civil War, Reconstruction & Creating Hate In America Today

"Politically Correct" Denials & High School Massacres>>
School Killings vs. "Something of Value"

Social Absurdity>>
The Feminist Delusion

Destroying Cultural Continuity--Leftist War On Social Cohesion

Sovereignty, Youth & Guns: An American Future>>
America In The 22nd Century

Words of Thomas Jefferson>>
On Treaties & Law Of Nations

On "Welfare" (Safety Net)

American Declaration of Independence--With Study Guide

To Restore Reverence>>
George Washington Thanksgiving Project

Wrong Response To Socialist Horror>>
Cult Of "The Holocaust"--Golden Calf Of The 20th Century

Kipling On "Liberal" Absurdity>>
"The Gods Of The Copybook Headings"

"An Imperial Rescript"

How The Welfare State Works!>>
Welfare State

Conservative Debate Handbook>>

Chapter One--A Simplified Overview of the Constitution

Chapter Two--The Right To Keep & Bear Arms

Chapter Three--Leftist Word Games & Religious Freedom

Chapter Four--Missouri Senator James A. Reed's Summary Of The League Of Nations Debate

Chapter Five--The Rape Of Tolerance (How The Left Keeps Indians & Negroes Dependent)

Chapter Six--Reed's Answer To Those Advocating Disarmament

Chapter Seven--The Lies Of Socialism

Chapter Eight--The Feminist War On Love & Reason

Chapter Nine--The Moral Bases Of A Political Society

Chapter Ten--Universal Suffrage: A Threat To Liberty, No Guarantee Of Virtue

Chapter Eleven--The Battle Over Patterns Of Personal Identification

Chapter Twelve--The Political Spectrum

Chapter Thirteen--How To Recognize The Bigot In The Argument

Chapter Fourteen--Economics & Common Sense

Chapter Fifteen--Immigration & The American Future

Chapter Sixteen--Myths & Myth Makers In American "Higher" Education

Chapter Seventeen--Issues In The Debate Over Abortion

Chapter Eighteen--An American Foreign Policy

Chapter Nineteen--"Civil Rights" vs. A Free Society

Chapter Twenty--Medicare--Panacea Or Death Potion?

Chapter Twenty-One--The Semi-Autonomous Family

Chapter Twenty-Two--Perspective & Focus--A Closer Look

Chapter Twenty-Three--Notes On Method & Purpose

Chapter Twenty-Four--Senator James A. Reed Demonstrates Effective Use Of Irony & Satire

Chapter Twenty-Five--Democracy In The Third World: Destructive Egalitarian Myth

Chapter Twenty-Six--A "Progressive" Income Tax--Destructive Socialist Misnomer

Chapter Twenty-Seven--The Persuasive Use Of Images

Chapter Twenty-Eight--Public Schools: Issues & Reality: Education & Politics

Chapter Twenty-Nine--Cause & Effect, Avoiding Obvious Error

Chapter Last--Conservative Potpouri

Postscript--A Note Of Caution As To Other People's Motives

Modern "Liberalism" (Social Democracy), Communism & National Socialism>>
Compulsion For Uniformity

George Washington's Farewell Address

Constitution Of The United States of America

John C. Calhoun's Classic Address on State & Federal Relations

Edgar Allan Poe Rebukes British Utilitarians

Trent Lott Affair--Anatomy of a Smear

Our Gate>>
Web Site Gate

Literary Corner--Selections Of The Best English & American Writing

Archive--Older Essays & Historic Documents, Cincinnati Riots, Etc..

Treaty Of Paris--Great Britain Recognizes Sovereign Independence Of 13 States

Daniel Webster's Greatest Speech--March 7, 1850--An Incisive Perspective On His Times

Booker T. Washington Outlines Path To American Negro Progress & Racial Good Will--1895

Douglas MacArthur's Inspiring Farewell To West Point--1962

Rhodesia & The Rhodesians

Review Of November, 1998 Election

January, 1999--Attempt To Impeach President Clinton For The Wrong Reason

March, 1999--President Clinton & The Abuse Of Power

April, 1999--Original Article On Kosovo

May, 1999--American Foreign Policy At The Crossroad

1999--Implications Of A Stock Market Collapse By Early 2002

Response To 1999 Smear Of Pat Buchanan

Correspondence On Media DNA Smear Of Thomas Jefferson

Did Al Gore's Pro-Abortion Rhetoric Prove A Perceptual Deficit?

Campaign 2000--What Republicans Should Have Done

Still Valid Lessons:
Politics 2001--Lesson 2000

H. L. Mencken Tribute To James A. Reed--April, 1929--What A Senator Should Be

Ohio At 200--An Alert

Cincinnati Race Riots, April, 2001

2001 Cincinnati Election Issue: An Expert Is Not Someone From Out Of Town

Poe Challenges Human Arrogance ("Instinct vs. Reason")

The Philosophy Of Composition--Poe On Creative Writing

Sockdolager!--Davy Crockett & The Constitution

Conservative Intelligence Center

Our Literary Corner

Obama did not just happen! For generations, mainstream Americans have been bombarded with challenges to the continuity of their values, culture & identity. Our novel, Return Of The Gods, explores the impact of this ideological assault & the media role in that assault, to demonstrate social & economic effects that would lead to the 2008 economic & political disaster. Consider>>

Return Of The Gods