Love, Hate, Straw-Incidents & 'Who We Are'

September, 2016 Feature--Truth Based Logic

False narratives of the Clinton campaign. The election: Who are motivated by "love," who by "hate." Straw-incidents & "Who we are." The Constitution puts America first.

One of the most common false narratives of the Clinton campaign, heard in various manifestations, is the absurd claim that her supporters are apostles of "love"; that the Trump appeal is driven by "hate"; that restricting immigration is not "who we are." Unfortunately for Mrs. Clinton, there are three problems with that narrative:

1. The leadership of the Democratic Party, for at least a generation, has waged a virtually continuous attack on traditional American values, traditions and long term interests. This assault is seen in an immigration policy, which since 1965 has increasingly favored those with the least ties to the roots & culture of earlier American settlers--thus deliberately challenging continuation of existing American culture;-- is observed in the appointment of "activist" Judges & Bureau Administrators, who consistently challenge both the legal bases & efforts to preserve traditional concepts of individual liberty, property rights & public expressions of Faith, as well as the time honored concept of the family as the essential foundation for any viable social structure.

Lately, particularly in the era of Obama, with whom Mrs. Clinton has been deeply involved, the Democratic Party has been the source of overt apologies for America, as well as a long term vehicle for squandering American lives & resources for the benefit of other nations; often with little or no return benefit to American families.

These are hardly acts of "love." Certainly not, where they violate a sworn duty under a Constitution that prescribes the very existence of the Government & its specific purposes, by clear delegations of specific functions, each clearly intended for the benefit of rooted Americans. (Or will anyone suggest that a demonstrated lack of concern for America's ailing veterans--or America's threatened Police--reflects Mrs. Clinton or Mr. Obama's consuming "love.")

Nor is there likelihood that Mr. Obama & Mrs. Clinton are simply confused in their affections. Each was mentored in their youth by radical Marxists--would be revolutionaries, seeking--and where still living, appear to still seek--radical alterations in the institutions of the American people. The means adopted? To exploit greed, envy & every base emotion, to attack property rights, rights of free association, rights to keep & bear arms, or publicly celebrate the Faith of one's fathers. Under Mr. Obama & Mrs. Clinton, this offensive has morphed into an attack on public honor for traditional American role models, across our vast array of once self-governing communities;--morphed into limitations on our rights to protect ourselves against voter fraud, out-of-control crime & other forms of social chaos. The perpetrators of this assault on heritage & tranquility are not people motivated by "love"; nor has either Mr. Obama or Mrs. Clinton ever repudiated their hate-driven formative influences.

It is very clear that the "love" motivating anyone in the Clinton campaign is not directed at those who honor American achievement.

2. Donald Trump, from the very start of this campaign, has vowed to put America & the Americans first. He has also promised to make America "great again. He recognizes that the changes, sought, are a restoration of the greatness achieved by earlier generations. Where he has attacked, it has been in the positive quest of putting "America first"--of restoring the greatness of the United States. Anyone who claims that Trump's priorities are driven by "hate," does not portray Trump's values or intentions, but those of his foes & detractors. (See Trump: The Issue.) Or do they dare suggest that honoring America & the Americans--that loyalty & duty to our own people, responsibility to our kith & kin, citizens & neighbors--are acts of hate?!

3. The "love"/"hate" measure suggested by Mrs. Clinton & her surrogates, is in the context of administering the Federal Government of the United States of America; the context of an election to determine who is best suited to accept the Constitutional mandate, involved. There is no legal or moral duty to deal with foreign interests or persons in any way that conflicts with the Constitutional rights of Americans. The Constitution is silent as to any right or power to expend the lives, treasure or homelands, of the American people, in any foreign interest. Rather, the very Preamble requires an acceptance of the Trump premises; a complete rejection of those of Mrs. Clinton. Read it, parse it, absorb the intent:

We the people of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

Note the focus on "posterity"--on lineal descendants. That in nowise implies anything negative about any other people. Like the context of the Fifth Commandment, it is a purely positive recognition of the importance of multi-generational pursuits in all sentient life. It takes nothing from anyone. But it clearly recognizes our duty to our own. It is all about a parent's love for his children.

Donald Trump can be acerbic. He can certainly speak in anger--an anger increasingly shared by other Conservatives. But the root of that anger is the betrayal of the foundations of the American heritage by a combination of pseudo intellectual Leftist internationalists ("One Worlders"), with corrupt & myopic globalist business interests! Two complementary groups of fantasy rationalizers, who have abandoned any sense of duty to their communities & roots, to favor cloud-borne images of the benefit of models, which simply do not work as fantasized. Thus, an anger born in the realization that the values we love & honor have, in fact, been betrayed.

Conversely, the Clinton/Obama movement has sought to mask the betrayal of heritage by creating a succession of "straw-incidents"; effective lies, substituting endless appeals for sympathy against events taken out of context; an effort to shield their challenged images against public recognition of real problems & serious provocations. A prime example would be the use of an Army Captain, who died honorably in combat, as a prop to cover his father--who obviously has less honor & very different values--in seeking to support Hillary Clinton by slandering Donald Trump. This sort of verbalized 'smoke & mirrors,' featuring sham proclamations of "love" & pretentious, never really defined, declarations of "not who we are," as reason not to debate--or even discuss the real issues & real problems with accepting Obama/Clinton fantasies on immigration & trade--is their answer to anyone, who dares question the path they have set.

This is a fantasy cover for a fantasy egalitarian humanist world order, in which all peoples, cultures & human potential, are assumed to be interchangeable; where those who seek to preserve their unique heritages are the villains; where those who reject the dearly bought achievement of countless generations are pictured as enlightened & 'progressive' reformers; and the dark night of stagnation encompasses Mankind.

"Love," "hate," "who we are" or are not? Donald Trump stands for not surrendering the multi-generational achievements of a specific people: The American People. His agenda honors the blood, sweat, toil & tears of many generations of decent, God-Fearing, family oriented folk, struggling to pass on an ascending life-style to each new generation. 'Who we are,' you masters of deceit--whether as disciples of Saul Alinsky on the Left, or greedy globalists in Board Rooms, where the heritage that brought you 'to the dance' is now forgotten in favor of imagined benefits in sacrificing your neighbors' interests for foreign gain?! (Each group aided & abetted by a grovelling media that has abandoned any sense of what is fair or objective.)

'Who we are'; we who support Donald Trump? A people who wish all the world well; yet a people who will not surrender the heritage we love to get along with those who are betraying us! Damn the lies & Damn the liars! Full speed ahead!

William Flax

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