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With the collapse of Communism, most of the world embraced Market economics. Unfortunately, very few "leaders" demonstrated any real understanding of the actual dynamics--that is, why Market economics work. Almost no one put the dynamics of the Market into the larger context of human action--the dynamics of interactive human behavior.

Socialism and Communism had been based upon a fantasy--one might even say a superstition--that there was such a thing as equality of human potential; that equality of the human condition was an ideal, and that by collective action, central planning and control, Man could achieve that "ideal." The economic result was obvious: Collective planning, control and egalitarian rhetoric, discouraged creativity and effort, and stultified the human spirit and potential. It didn't work, because it couldn't work. It also failed to answer the moral question as to why an individual superior in any attribute ought to sacrifice his or her potential to the collective. No where, in the natural order of life, is there such a thing as a blind duty to an undifferentiated species. And in a Godless denial of a theological basis for human society, the Collectivists destroyed the only moral basis for altruistic conduct.

Socialist economics--indeed any form of centrally planned economics--cannot compete with market driven dynamics for a very simple reason. The Market economy makes every individual responsible for his own decisions, his own conduct--his success or failure--in the material pursuit. It unleashes the brain power, the ingenuity, energy and unique potential of every participant--acting in the sphere that he knows best, his own life. It is from this process that we realize the dynamic power of the whole. It is elementary logic that the creative ingenuity of a small part of that whole--a group of "expert" pretenders, seeking to control the lives of others--can never unleash an equivalent force.

The vehicle for progress is brain power and motivation; and the incentives that work in the economic sphere work also in every other sphere of human interaction. Yet almost no one seems to fully appreciate this simple truth. It is as though the politicians, academics and media of the earth, were all sitting around a tribal fire where the local Witch Doctor tells them that he has cast a spell on the market, and that the "market" will lead them to a better life, for all the understanding that many exhibit.

Thus, the concept accepted by America's Founding Fathers of an armed population of responsible citizens, proving the foundation for public order and a free and safe society, is ridiculed not only by American dysrons*, but by the now market oriented Socialists of the world. Thus, the American educational establishment becomes not more, but less, respectful to the unique and individualistic values of America's rooted families, and more supercilious in the promotion of Leftist values completely out of step with the dynamics of a population of responsible and accountable, but competing, individuals. Thus fewer criminals are held fully responsible (accountable) for their misdeeds, while the emphasis has shifted to what Society can do for them. Thus more & more, Americans are being told by Government, what to think as to the dynamics of human interaction; interaction between the sexes, races, faiths and distinct communities; while politicians apologize for the inequalities of Man. Thus, in some jurisdictions, the observance of religious codes of conduct & restraint, accepted for many centuries, are under attack and even criminalized.

Again, the Market economy works because it unleashes the power and initiative of the individual. But a world increasingly socialist, in every other respect, seems bent upon suppressing the spirit of the free individual in every other area of social concern.

To illustrate the fallacy of a Socialist leveling of humanity, we wrote the political novel, Return Of The Gods; taking the title from Rudyard Kipling's theme in the poem, "The Gods Of The Copybook Headings," who return with terror and slaughter whenever Mankind follow the false Gods of the Market too far down the path of wishful thinking. Our hope was to demonstrate not only the absurdity of egalitarianism, but the most effective ways to fight it.

In order to provide a readily accessible resource center for high school & college students, as well as for principled politicians, looking for arguments to turn the tide and take the lead in restoring traditional values, we created the Return Of The Gods Web Site. Our goal was, and is, to turn it into an intellectual armory for Conservative thought. In it, we believe, you will find arguments that will be useful to the forces of tradition, not only in America but anywhere on earth; arguments for which the Left has no rational answer because these arguments are based upon the realities of life. In short, we believe that the best approach is always the honest approach; to seek to preserve heritage by logical argument & appeal to reason.

Now, please visit the Return Of The Gods Web Site, at the Truth Based Logic Domain, where reason & logic, not cant & slogan, are the weapons of ideological warfare! Your gate is below.

*People with normal or even above average I.Q.s, who function at the analytic level of morons because of their fears and compulsions.

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