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July, 2016 Feature--Truth Based Logic

America First: The issue in 2016 Presidential Campaign. Constitution requires putting America & the Americans first. All duties flow from that requirement.

Whether or not there is ambiguity as to American Constitutional intent on some matters, there is absolute clarity as to functional intent with respect to one overriding issue. The primary issue in the 2016 Presidential campaign is clearly to determine whom an American President has the duty to serve; whose interests must be honored; who favored. To address this issue, consider the stated purpose of the Constitution--the avowed intent of the framers--the ratified intent of subscribing States--the Preamble:

We the people of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

"The people," in defining the Constitutional purpose & function, were beyond question the people of the specific ratifying States (1787 to 1791). "Justice" can sometimes be rather abstract; but "domestic tranquility" is, obviously, our domestic tranquility; not the promotion of anything abroad, not meddling with any other people's lives. (Nor will reviewing the specific grants of power or function that follow, suggest any non-American focus or purpose for either.)

The "common defence," both from the obvious context-- as from the related grants of function that follow--is clearly the common protection of the people of the sovereign States that ratified. The "general Welfare" is what will generally benefit those specific peoples.

Finally, with unmistakable clarity, the charter identifies the intended beneficiaries of those secured "Blessings of Liberty": The Founders & their "posterity"; the lineal descendants of a specific people; the descendants of the Founders, down through the generations.

Is anything in our interpretation, even arguable? Does this statement of intent waffle in any way as an indication of whose interest is to be favored on any Constitutional question that involves Americans on the one hand, and any other people on the other? Is there anything that suggests a duty to allow those of any other nation, a Constitutional right to demand entrance into America; to demand anything from an American Government under any claim of legal or moral right?

Now, a great many of us, ourselves included, trace ancestry to those who came after the Constitutional Union was established. Our rights to participate grow out of acceptance into those communities Blessed with that secured Liberty in the various States. That does not, not by anything in the Constitution, justify departure from the Constitutional concept or purpose. Nor can anyone in office claim a moral right to alter the function & intent, each has sworn to uphold.

Republicans, such as Speaker Ryan, who wring their hands in the public media over Donald Trump's sometimes blunt way of explaining choices, may seek to cloud these points. They cannot rebut them if we stick to the obvious. If you honor Constitutional intent, in all things relevant to the behavior of an American Government, you must put America & the Americans first.

When challenged, the unapologetic Conservative American should simply reiterate the basic concept!

Yet note: Nothing, stated above, need prevent anyone, who feels a calling to preach his Faith to the people of another land; or to become a medical missionary in a far off country; or to pursue any calling or interest anywhere on earth, from doing so. We simply define limitations on what can be done, legally, with the resources, functions, powers or policy imperatives, entrusted to the Government of the United States.

That is the point. And properly argued, it is the key to victory--to Donald Trump's victory & to America's victory!

Cruel Indifference Towards America & The Americans

The policy choices of Leftist politicians repeatedly demonstrate a cruel indifference to the rights & interests of rooted Americans. Consider the incessant demand to limit the right of American citizens to keep & bear arms--even at a time when neglected borders create a far greater than usual risk to the persons & property of many Americans.

Despite the crocodile tears such politicians shed at every public mike or photo opportunity, their voices of misdirected concern actually demonstrate virtual total indifference to the safety & tranquility of rooted citizens. Examples of this indifference to the real problems of real Americans, may be observed in the many instances, where President Obama has interjected himself into local situations to challenge the necessary use of force--whether by Police or citizens--to deal with savage criminal behavior.

Instances, such as that in Ferguson, Missouri where the Administration intervened to muddy an incident where a Police Officer had to shoot a neighborhood bully, who had just robbed a Convenience store, illustrate such indifference to the real problems of real people. The uncontrolled robber/bully, not the Police officer acting to protect the citizens, was the clear problem to the neighborhood. Their daily fears not likely to be allayed by an Administration attacking both Law Enforcement & the Second Amendment.

Hillary Clinton shows the same indifference towards the real problems of American citizens, when she openly embraces the Obama war on American coal mines & coal miners. Whether or not this policy is based on rationalizations by humanist internationalists, seeking to curb the sovereign independence of nations; it is obvious that the Obama/Clinton policy deliberately ignores improved technology for limiting any actual pollution from the industrial use of coal--as well as manifest benefits to plant life from whatever improves the level of Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere.

Instead of embracing benefits from that improved technology, Mrs. Clinton & the like prefer to cater to international theorists seeking to force uniformity on the earth's very diverse peoples. Whatever drives Mrs. Clinton; indeed, whatever may give her reason to pause & reflect; empathy--the ability to actually understand & appreciate the feelings of others--has no role in her decision making. Nor does simple respect for other Americans. She showed this, when she told coal mining families--people rooted in coal country for generations--that she would solve their problem by an expensive Federal retraining program.

The obvious flaw, from a compassionate perspective, is that there is no demand in communities afflicted by the Obama/Clinton war on coal, for any even remotely equivalent sized employment. Mrs. Clinton's solution, ultimately, is to uproot whole communities, at taxpayers' expense, so that Obama & Clinton can pose as international benefactors in pseudo-scientific circles, that have adopted the war on coal as a celebrated cause.

Another extreme example of cruel indifference to the interests of America & the Americans, is the arbitrary way that Obama has resettled "refugees" from backgrounds completely dissimilar to those of native Americans, in small to medium sized American cities. Such resettlements, without consulting the rooted inhabitants, not only undermine social cohesion in each afflicted community; they have seriously disrupted public school systems, to the disadvantage of American children. (This is, of course, the same tactic that Stalin adopted to destroy social cohesion in parts of the Ukraine & Baltic States after World War II. But then, no one ever suggested that Stalin was anything but indifferent to the well being or tranquility of potential foes. His "indifference" was the least of their problems.)

Treating Americans Like Lab Rats

Perhaps the cruelest example of Leftist indifference to the rights & interests of rooted Americans, is Obama's announced project to attack relatively homogeneous neighborhood cohesion by arbitrarily placing persons, who do not have a similar culture, to promote "diversity" in each community. This experiment in social engineering, treats American property owners & tenants, who have voluntarily settled in communities found congenial, as only so many "lab rats"; subjects for experiment in pursuit of a pretense that all are interchangeable products of an immediate social environment. To understand the enormity of the Obama experiment in the American context, one must recall settlement of the original colonies.

Up & down the 17th Century Atlantic coast of British North America, largely Anglo/Celtic settlers created varied ethnic communities, each reflecting a unique cultural, social & theological, value system. These values differed sufficiently from community to community--were sufficiently in conflict--that corresponding factions in the Nations of origin had fought a series of civil wars over them.

When in 1787, descendants of those early settlers came together, as Americans, to form a Federal Union, they embraced, not an arrogant abuse of power by social engineers; but a Constitution that clearly accepted the rights to maintain differences in social values within the States & diverse individual communities, as essential elements of Liberty. The Founders knew we were not lab rats, nor Pavlovian dogs, to be reconditioned--programmed--by an overreaching Government. Sadly, the Left's social theorists--with little basis for self-respect--never learned to respect the basic rights of others.

William Flax

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