How Can Any American?

How can any American support one, running for President, who does not respect the stated purpose of the Constitution, she has repeatedly sworn to preserve? The Preamble to the Constitution states that purpose, very clearly:

We the people of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

Our "posterity," of course, are our lineal descendants. A purpose that is 100% consistent with Donald Trump's call to put America First. It is 100% consistent with the Fifth Commandment, and traditional Western values, in general. Mrs. Clinton's call for open borders, and the failure to properly vet immigrants from lands with very different value systems, is 100% inconsistent with the Constitutional purpose.

How can any American refuse to vote for Donald Trump, who not only understands & accepts what the Constitution requires. He strenuously exposes Mrs. Clinton on issue after issue!

Trump is willing to risk a lifetime of success--his whole career & fortune--to take on a corrupt media, that tries in every unfair, intellectually dishonest, way to cover up Mrs. Clinton's crimes and repeated acts of betrayal, in order to stand for us, our Constitution and our clear interests, on a host of vital issues. Consider:

1. Trump supports and has been endorsed by the border guards. Mrs. Clinton has shown only disdain for those trying to keep America safe from a flood of unauthorized invaders.

2. Trump supports the rights of Americans to efficiently arm themselves, both for their own protection and for the protection of America! Mrs. Clinton has repeatedly sought means to disarm American families.

3. Trump has supported local Police in violent confrontations with neighborhood thugs; while Mrs. Clinton & Obama have allied themselves with virulently anti Police groups--some funded by George Soros--groups determined to deny their law abiding neighbors, the Police protection, necessary to make those neighborhoods safe.

4. Trump understands that making any neighborhood safe, is the key to increasing constructive activity in such neighborhood;--the key to people being able to start local businesses, with some hope of success; the key to better job opportunities, better credit ratings, etc. Mrs. Clinton has shown herself more intent on encouraging and supporting those Soros funded groups.

5. Donald Trump supports all forms of American energy production! He wants to let the coal miners get back to work; to take advantage of improved technology that allows a cleaner use of coal. Mrs. Clinton has insulted the coal miners, by refusing to help them get back to work, while she patronizes them; offering them a new dependence on even more Governmental meddling.

6. Returning to the Constitution--the solemn compact (or contract) that authorizes us to even have a Federal Government;--the charter, that once--when truly honored--made us the envy of the earth:

Donald Trump has pledged to appoint only those who honor the clear intent of that charter, to the Federal Judiciary. Mrs. Clinton has promised to only appoint Judges who agree with her ghoulish view of Feminist issues: such as the idea that it is O.K. for a woman--on mere whim--to have a healthy, already half born baby, killed in cold blood, in something euphemistically labeled a "partial birth abortion!"

7. Donald Trump, daily addresses great rallies, to discuss these and other vital issues; such as the damage to American workers & communities, resulting from trade deals, and immigration policies, that do not protect our rooted population. Mrs. Clinton has avoided in depth discussion of issues; preferring, instead, an incessant attack on Donald Trump's personality; his tone; his supporters;--in each case misrepresenting the same by a combination of lies, cherry picked but misleading data, gross exaggerations, and citations of spurious media smears, engineered by a slavish press, which covers up actual crimes, in a blind, but determined, support for the perpetrator.

Under such circumstances: How can any American vote for Mrs. Clinton? How can any American refuse to vote for Donald Trump?

Note further: There are thousands of organizations, some Faith based (both evangelical & social); some secular, but ideological; some based on Humanist arrogance (Return To Babel). Among them there is something to represent just about any imagined human interest. Our written Constitution is the sole organizational effort focused solely on the interests of the rooted American. How dare any American betray or trivialize our organization; the Constitutional Republic, as it was intended by the Fathers, who won it for their posterity?! How can any American refuse to vote for Donald Trump?

May the living God Bless all those who understand what is truly at stake!

One final note:

The Difference Between Virtue & Sanctimony

As we move into the last days of the 2016 Presidential campaign in America, there remain some, both moderates & conservatives, who feel a need to disparage Donald Trump over matters of personal taste, polish or social decorum, rather than on questions of public policy--rather than on actual issues over the proper functions & purpose of our Federal Government; rather than on issues, which go to the very survival of our traditional way of life.

It is not our purpose, here, to pass judgment of anyone's view of proper social decorum, or on anyone's personality, or methods of argumentation in political exchanges or discussion. Here we have dealt with priorities; with present as well as future perspectives on the valid priorities of the American people: With what matters in relation to future prospects, material & spiritual; to the continuity of America & the Americans; recognizing that the future happiness of hundreds of millions of Americans is on the line: In short what is fifty thousand fold more important than the incident in which Donald Trump responded a bit rudely to a pretty "debate" moderator's insulting questions, or made some gauche comments many years ago. In short, the difference between actual virtue and sanctimony.

William Flax

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