Footnote On Absurd Egalitarian Compulsion

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Footnote on compulsion driven egalitarian pretense that people are interchangeable. Classification of subjects. Humanist egalitarian pretense, irrational & demeaning.

We have challenged the absurdity of the egalitarian bias against studying differences in human types; the pretense of egalitarian pseudo-intellectuals that the members of human races, tribes & nations, are basically interchangeable in mental character. Nor do we accept the fantasy that it is wrong for people to prefer the culture & association of those most like themselves. The dogma that has resulted from such bias has underlain much of an effort to force Mankind into a form of World Government--by analogy, an egalitarian effort to return to Babel--to rejoin Nimrod in the ultimate human folly.

Yet in fighting pretense, we have merely pointed out that none of the empirical evidence supports the hypothesis of human equality--the pretense of human oneness. No one ever sat in a classroom, with his or her equal on either side--unless that person was their identical twin or triplet. Nor have psychometric testing, anatomical studies, comparative group performance, etc., ever supported the hypothesis.

We have argued that the underlying myth insults every recognizable people on earth; that in lumping all together, we ignore the unique developments that have differentiated each people. through the generations, including the actual aptitudes & characteristics that made each unique. And to illustrate the point, we have noted that no one ever argued that it was wrong to study the differences between different breeds of dogs, horses, cattle; or the different varieties of apples, pears, oak trees, or of any other living thing. The more important anything was to us, the greater importance we placed on studying the variations of that subject.

What we had failed to note, was that the same perception--the same rule in the pursuit of understanding--applied equally to every non-organic thing; every product of human ingenuity; every variation in the products of human ingenuity, developed by different, unique & competing individuals, within interactive societies.

No one is so idiotic as to claim that it would be better to lump all automobiles together in a single category. No one would proclaim, as though it had merit or brought credit to the utterer, that there was only one species of automobile, the "automobile'; no one would hiss "brandist" at those bent on evaluating the differences between Fords & Chevrolets, etc. But consider any other product, which you have ever purchased--any other product! The same phenomena, as to classification, and the study of variation pertains. Only in the case of the subsets of the human species or genus, do we allow fanatics to insult those who seek a higher level of understanding.

The egalitarian humanist is as naked, intellectually, as Hans Christian Andersen's Emperor was physically. Allowing the continued insult, the demeaning pretense of human interchangeability, is, to a greater or lesser extent, undermining the traditional cultural achievements of virtually every recognizable people on earth. It is behind nation destroying social-engineering & immigration policies, envy induced hatred between subsets of a population & chaos in public education. The one area where there actually is a degree of "human oneness," is in that common insult, from a common compulsion driven source, which threatens the very concept of unique achievement. Could anything be more absurd than continuing to indulge a compulsion driven fantasy that obviously interferes with the better understanding between peoples, which those of genuine good-will have always sought?

William Flax

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