Another Variation On Demonic Theme

March 1, 2014 Feature--Truth Based Logic

Tactics by which Corporate America is misled, as once was Eve. Republican leaders refusing tactics that might halt rush to American National Socialism. Ted Cruz vs. House & Senate GOP leadership.

Our February Feature advanced the argument that virtually all Socialist causes have been promoted by variations in the same methodology as that employed in Genesis to lead Eve & her mate astray. The basic formula has included verbal devices to induce the susceptible to focus not on their Blessings (including opportunities for improvement by one's own effort or to build on past achievement), but on what others have obtained, always vinegar-coated with appeals to envy & avarice, as well as crude covetousness. Here, we examine another variation on that basic demonic theme, which has worked to undermine normal human resistance to those very socialist causes, previously discussed; even to promote a form of moral cowardice that undermines the efforts of an honorable remnant, who actually do resist.

Consider the array of successful American businessmen & many in a Managerial Class who run some of our largest corporations, who not only disparage, but fund campaigns to discredit, those not afraid to speak out against expanding Federal roles in inherently local & personal matters--such as health care & education. The issue, of course, has been over whether or not Conservatives can or should block funding for these expensive programs & the resulting growth of an enormous Federal bureaucracy, which burdens both our freedom & our economic well-being. Note, also, that these monolithic pursuits were never envisioned in the written Constitution, which every Federal office holder has sworn to uphold.

To better understand the stated issue, as between grass-root Conservative movements, such as the "Tea Parties" and their political allies (Ted Cruz, Michael Lee & those House Members who voted to defund an extravagant & clearly unconstitutional "Affordable Care Act") and myopic, confused or intimidated business types who would suppress them; you must focus not on verbalized rationalizations by poseurs to economic wisdom, who impugn the integrity of those who defend the Constitution against Socialist usurpation, but on what is really at stake.

We have been told that if deficit spending demanded by the Obama Administration is not authorized; if the debt ceiling is not raised without attached condition; if Congress does not rush to accommodate; that the financial credit of America will be destroyed; that economic recovery from a crisis, resulting from previous accommodations to similar Federal folly, will be derailed; that recalcitrant Conservatives simply do not understand economic reality. The focus of such apologists for accommodation is on fear of a short-term interruption in a wished for improvement in business conditions. Yet the truth is precisely the opposite. What is at stake is not only honest Government--Government by those who honor their oath of office, who respect essential limitations on power. What is at stake is a culture premised, at every step, upon the maximum degree of individual--personal--responsibility; a culture that made possible not only a free & self-confident America, but an economy, once the wonder of the world, that sprang from that culture.

What myopic businessmen & corporate managers, who know only how to retreat, fail to grasp, is that manic focus on short-term, immediate but temporary, progress, while a social structure that made their very existence possible is systematically deconstructed, does not offer a future! Contrast this blind pursuit of the immediate by those who pull the strings of a compromising Republican "Leadership"--a blind effort to avoid standing up to all that is base, as well as foolish--with the wisdom, courage & principled morality of America's Founding Fathers!

When a distant central Government in London began, increasingly, to encroach upon their liberty, the ability to make local decisions in local matters & personal decisions in personal matters; no one wrung his hands, lest they force a "Government shut down." They demanded that that Government shut down, as it affected them. They did not bewail that their defiance of usurping authority might cause a near term economic slowdown; they pledged their lives, their fortunes & their sacred honor to the issue; knowing, with absolute certainty, that they were precipitating an enormous near-term economic cataclysm, which they understood to be the price for the multi-generational benefit on which they had determined.

Those in the business community, who fail to perceive from whence their Blessings sprang, now raise funds to try to stop those who focus, not on the next economic quarter, but on the American heritage. They may not listen to a serpent hissing in a young woman's ear, to focus on the one thing she cannot have. No! But they heed a newer variation on the same theme; here, the idea that you can preserve Blessings, while totally ignoring the essential prerequisites for those Blessings. This renders them little better than figurative eunuchs in trying to preserve even their own families' chance for any kind of an American future. Any Conservative, who follows such advice--advice akin to that of those whom an evil Lenin once referred to as "useful idiots"--has totally lost his way. Few points in the modern political/social drama are more obvious.

William Flax

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