Variations On Demonic Theme

February, 2014 Feature--Truth Based Logic

Contemporary Leftist tactics & agenda, only variations on what led to Man's fall in Genesis? Endlessly recurring human folly.

Not religious fundamentalists, in the strict sense of those who believe that everything in the Bible, as rendered in contemporary English, is completely accurate; we have always respected the Faith of those who are. That respect requires candor. We do believe that the Biblical account of Man's fall in Genesis, demonstrated a methodology that may be credited with marketing much of the social evil that has followed. What worked with Eve, inducing her to focus, not on life in a veritable Paradise, but on the one thing that she & Adam were denied, has proven a prototype; not only for misleading susceptible individuals throughout history, but for the corruption of virtually every socially or genetically definable group, ever to embrace an entitlement, humanist or egalitarian agenda.

Whether the demand is for a basic need, or simply because the demander exists, or is one flowing from a quest for some form of material or social redistribution of achievement, based upon class, racial, ethnic, community or sexual jealousy & hatred; or where another, confused by such envy based demand--a coveting of what is one's neighbor's--has accepted or even preaches some form of guilt for success & achievement; attention has been focused, not on Man's Blessings, not on the ability to improve one's lot by individual effort to an extent not enjoyed by other creatures; but on contrived wish lists, on jealousy & fantasy, which in most instances starts with a denial of the realities of Creation.

We do not claim that actual demonology is involved in particular manifestations of the primal Serpent methodology. Yet whether or not definable as primal evil, the pattern is clearly not defensible in either logic or morality. We have previously explored the varied ways that Egalitarian Collectivism Sabotages Human Potential; discused in some detail "The Greatest Mischief Ever Wrought". Yet these articles, and others like them, were primarily--if not entirely--written from a secular perspective; the emphasis being on the logical & rational moral, as distinct from a spiritual moral. But one has basically the same pattern to deal with, whether one's perspective is secular or theological.

All of us differ. Each has a different complex---some obviously more different than others--of aptitudes, incentives, motivations, distractions & levels & types of natural energy. There is also a chance (or luck) factor involved; which may, or may not, balance out for any individual over a lifetime. Whether pretending that there is injustice in the variations of achievement, when they are clearly based on variations in all of the above, is primarily a denial of logic or of spiritual truth, which may offend different people on different bases; it is always a distraction from constructive focus.

Awareness of the diverse complex that enables achievement & success, helps each of us focus on the optimum utilization of our individual Blessings; which is the best response to whatever "Crosses each must bear." Bitterness, envy, jealousy or false expectations can only divert an individual into less optimum paths--if not outright disaster. Such was the recorded lot of Adam & Eve. Irrational guilt among high achievers, is alike destructive, and for parallel reasons. To the extent, embraced, it diverts would be high achievers from the best development of their own resources; which, in the instance of any ongoing social order, reduces societal achievements that benefit all in any way affected.

We deal, here, with the clear implications of the same dynamic that enables a market economy, where incentives work to bring out the best in each contributor, to out produce any centrally planned economy--especially one where they allow universal suffrage among those who receive unearned benefits from political bodies. Where everyone, who can operate without a crutch or contrived rationalization, is stimulated to put his or her optimum talents into play, you unleash the maximum potential of any social order. Where you allow those who speak with "a forked tongue" to lead the susceptible astray, you obviously sabotage that potential.

None of this is a disincentive for those, Blessed with the attributes of success, from helping those genuinely in need. Quite the contrary! As most established Faiths, as well as most secular philosophers, recognize, providing alms in some form for those genuinely in need--as opposed to those simply demanding "entitlement"--is a pillar of healthy social development. But the essential, here, is a moral & logical means to determine both the genuineness & actual extent of that need. That process is inherently local, moral & not really compatible with partisan political manipulation from distant centers of power. We have repeatedly cited Thomas Jefferson's description of how Church administered Welfare worked in 1782 in the newly independent American States. To understand how a locally administered, morally guided, social "safety-net" can actually work to human betterment, consider Jefferson On Social Welfare in Virginia.

Of course, oft overlooked variations on the demonic theme from Genesis, are those where the immediate damage is not primarily material, nor so clearly applicable to a diminution of the economic prospects of susceptible individuals. The attack on ethnic pride and the continuity of nations (as, for example, the deliberate pretense that a unique national heritage is not something to be celebrated & preserved, discussed in Surrender By Subterfuge), may not be a demand for unearned physical gratification. It remains a denial of reality--ignoring social Blessings, compounded by achievement over generations;--a manifest example of contemporary humanist arrogance. In America's case, it is rationalized betrayal of the accomplishments of God Fearing predecessors, who had thanked God, over those generations, for what had seemed a "manifest destiny"--a complex of Blessings virtually unequaled in human history.

As it was in Genesis, so it has been since. Each deviation from logic & morality, has been promoted by rationalizations, by promoting wish lists over sometimes hard lessons from human experience, or from kindlier, still realistic, lessons from sources not completely within man's capacity to fully understand. And as has happened to past civilizations, which seeped or "slouched" down the path to perdition, the variations become ever more bizarre: The rationalizations ever more ridiculous. We witness endlessly recurring human folly.

Consider the "argument" to justify late term abortions! Consider the absurd oxymoron of "same sex marriage." One can certainly sympathize with a young woman who makes a mistake, or with a man or woman who has a physiological issue. Labels may fit or not. Endless verbiage will not change what is real, or transform wishes into horses. You cannot redefine depravity as "virtue"; or God's Blessing as a problem! When a civilization's rationalizations devolve into an inability to tolerate truth; to hatred for the virtues that once defined its purpose; to denial of the Blessings which enabled its very existence; can it have a future? Will we face the underlying problem, before we reach a point of no return?!

William Flax

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