Significance, For Americans, of Crimea's Return To Russia

April, 2014 Feature--Truth Based Logic

Practical significance of return of Crimea to Russia to the future of the United States. Border malfeasance of Clinton, Bush & Obama.

There has been much hand-wringing over the election in which Crimeans voted to secede from Ukraine & return to Russia; concern over the immediate Russian seizure of the peninsula & speculation as to whether Russian President Putin would seek to take back other areas in Eastern Europe, once under Russian control, where ethnic Russians may be found, in large numbers. On the American Right, there has also been many taunting Obama, for appearing inadequate to deal with a foreign leader as intelligent & determined as Putin.

Our intention, here, is not to deal with either the hand-wringing or the taunting. They do not address the real lesson, which Americans need to understand in looking at the developments in Crimea. Rather, we refer to the latest demographic estimates of the population of California, which indicate--whether correctly or not--an "Hispanic" population now larger than the native White. If true, it is certainly no accident.

The deliberate failure of Presidents Clinton, George W. Bush & now Obama, to halt an undifferentiated flow of trespassing aliens across the Southern Border, combined with an anti-American legal immigration policy since 1965, have produced this ethnic confusion. The ideological fanaticism & compounded make-believe premises of compulsion driven egalitarians, caught up in the fantasy of human interchangeability, have now achieved for California what a diabolic Stalin inflicted upon various areas of the Ukraine & other Communist conquests, in order to destroy the ability of rooted natives to resist tyranny.

We would be candid: What Stalin did to better enable monolithic, totalitarian, control over vast regions, peopled by diverse nations, was no greater crime against the intended victims, than has been a deliberated failure to protect the rights & interests of the settled populations of American States, such as California, in ethnic & social continuity. While the issue has been deliberately confused by Leftist ideologues in Academia (see Myths & Myth Makers), and their sycophants in the Media, there is nothing wrong with any people having an exceptional identity--in the sense of being aware of those qualities & experiences, which combine to make such people unique;--nor in their acting to preserve that identity, as something normal people call a "heritage." The Crimea, today, illustrates what happens when heritage & geography become detached. There now follow great concerns as to other areas in Eastern Europe, where a ruthless Stalin deliberately forced, what American Leftists have deliberately sought; yet almost no recognition of a crisis in California.

It is not that Mexico is strong enough to demand a return of California; not at the moment! Yet, if present demographic trends continue, such demands will surely come--and will as surely be supported by many, whose very presence reflects an artificial accommodation, for ulterior motives, both political & economic. The political reflect the intention to exploit those seen as susceptible to the arguments of class manipulation. The economic reflect an intention to lower real wages, by creating a larger pool of potential employees; an intention to create a larger home market for the sales of Corporate merchandise; and, finally, an offset to the economic losses that result from a rotting family structure, including a falling birthrate, which is--in fact--a direct consequence of a political & moral corruption, itself a consequence of those class manipulation arguments.

What rapidly changing the culture of California from Anglo to a variegated Hispanic mixture will never do, is further the continuity of the America the Founding Fathers thought that they were leaving to their posterity. Of course, there are many fine people from a vast variety of Hispanic backgrounds. (That is not intended as a reference to those here illegally; nor a justification for an immigration policy that changes American cultural norms.) Both Americans & Mexicans have rights to their respective heritages. That is not the point. One can make the same comment with respect to Russians, Ukrainians, Tatars & Cossacks. The deliberate misfocus of the argument over immigration policy, which impugns the integrity, fairness, character or what have you, of those who favor a restrictive immigration policy, is cut from the same cloth as that which demonizes human success, and preaches envy & resentment, to promote egalitarian collectivist policies, in general. Throw in those who seek "New World Orders," by pretending that the peoples of the earth are interchangeable, and you have the recipe for the demise of the Founders' achievement.

Because ideological bullies on the Left have created an artificial culture of fantasy & make-believe in many of our inter-personal communications--being "politically correct"--there is little likelihood that the mainstream media, will ever draw logical conclusions as to the real significance of what has happened in the Crimea. Other than at this web site (An American Immigration Policy; and/or Answer To President Bush On Immigration), when have you ever read in the contemporary media, the reason that Thomas Jefferson 'cut corners' to buy Louisiana? Jefferson had no animosity towards any people; but he understood the actual bases of cultural differences--different peoples, building on unique experiences in ways that reflect what is naturally important to them. We are not interchangeable. A decent respect for others accepts their unique qualities. It is not a bad thing! Fully understanding it is essential to an immigration policy that actually works for any people's benefit.

Again. Recent events in Crimea demonstrate what the border malfeasance of Clinton, Bush & Obama, coupled with the American Left's deliberate effort to change American ethnicity, can lead to.

William Flax

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