Corporate Managers & "Immigration Reform"

September, 2013 Feature--Truth Based Logic

Why some Corporate managers embrace destructive mass immigration without analyzing long term consequences. High ground or low ground? To restore respect: Reject cult of "diversity."

Whenever the Left starts beating a drum, either for granting amnesty to those who have entered the United States illegally, or for other steps to further "liberalize" an already disastrously generous immigration policy, they are joined by many prominent Corporate managers. While rising among the ranks of Corporate managers has never been linked, either to political knowledge or Conservative social & cultural values; a propensity to embrace Leftist projects-- such as encouraging a mass immigration to change the basic demographics of America--may still seem rather strange to those not really experienced with the issues involved. Having encountered this unfortunate phenomenon over some decades, we will offer a brief explanation.

Why Some Corporate Managers Embrace Mass Immigration

Why do some Corporate managers, not only embrace mass immigration, but threaten to cut off political contributions to Republican office holders who resist?

1. The focus of such Corporate managers is often on the quest for an immediate boost in sales, certain to result from an increase in the number of consuming bodies within our borders. Such focus, on quarter by quarter benefits, of course, largely ignores a slower to accelerate, but enormous, boost in social costs (including Welfare & subsidized health care expenses), also certain to also result from those additional bodies.

2. Such potential political donors also like the downward pressure on wages, which will also result from having more bodies to fill what job openings there may be. (There will not be--as some propagandists may claim--a one for one increase in available jobs, for each new body. Remember, new technology is eliminating many semi-skilled jobs of the type sought by most of the migrants involved.)

3. In addition to the more readily observed social & fiscal costs from the new residents within our borders, there are less immediately obvious, yet ultimately more significant, costs, often overlooked in the myopic focus of such Corporate managers: The over-crowding in our cities; a need for extra security; the loss of a reflective, spiritually rewarding, ambiance in our parks & open spaces; a multi-faceted deterioration in our schools--already evident in afflicted areas, etc., etc. (But compile your own list.)

4. Finally consider why--besides pure avarice--that Corporate managers are reluctant to focus on anything but short term benefits to their businesses; why they even overlook the fact that the newcomers will pay less taxes, towards those new costs, than those businessmen themselves--a trend likely to accelerate as the Congress moves further Left, when new bodies, indifferent to our Constitutional heritage, obtain the suffrage.

5. Then there is being "politically correct." The Corporate business community have been conditioned, like Pavlovian dogs, to consider just about anything, before they will consider or even acknowledge an ethnic factor, in any way that an activist on the Left or in Government might claim to be "discriminatory."

The Jesse Jacksons & Al Sharptons, the Justice Department, a host of other agencies, including many both State & local, all have a chilling reputation for being on the prowl. There are few things more frightening to Corporate managers, today, than the thought that they might be targeted with a "Civil Rights" Complaint. We doubt that many would even risk an email memo, which might offer the slightest hint of an intent to differentiate, in any way, on any forbidden basis--or even to indicate an awareness of a problem in a sensitive area.

Do we suggest anything that does not fit with your own observations?

High Ground Or Low Ground? How To Restore Respect!

Part of the conditioning, referred to in our fifth point, above, has been to create an absurd impression that to refuse to look at actual differences, between the definable subdivisions of humanity, is somehow idealistic; that to aggressively seek "diversity," while denying the importance of actual differences among the diverse, is somehow rational & altruistic. As to the first aspect, see "Footnote" below. As to deliberately pushing diverse elements into established communities, consider at least why the Soviet Dictator Joseph Stalin employed the tactic, after World War II, in the Ukraine & Baltic States. The pragmatic despot was not demonstrating a love for humanity! He understood, what so many in America, today, choose to ignore. If you break up the cohesive character of an established community, you effectively destroy its ability to resist tyranny. The social dynamics involved do not work out any differently in California or New Mexico, than in the Ukraine--or in any other State or community.

An immigration policy, which does not take into account ethnic realities, is not the high ground. It is the loony ground. It is a direct assault on a people's ability to resist being socially engineered against their will. It facilitated Communism in Russia. It will only facilitate evil in America.

Now this does not mean that we do not want to encourage good will between Americans & the other nations of the earth. Quite the opposite! As Washington & Jefferson--true mentors to American Conservatives--we understand that a genuine altruism does not start with a denial of reality. It starts with treating others with respect; respect for all the things which make them unique, rather than the insult of judging all, either by our model, or a fantasy model that incorporates the wish lists of egalitarian fanatics. The culture of other nations, like the cultures of different American communities, reflect the interaction of unique individuals & families over many generations; a people's culture reflects the very souls of those who participated in the dynamic processes of dealing with challenges down through the generations, centuries, even millennia.

In the confusion spawned by a collectivist/egalitarian mania, the peoples of the earth are losing their diverse cultural achievements. That this is taking place in the name of promoting "diversity," does not alter what is actually happening. In this we disparage no one; we denigrate no culture. But respect does not mean pretending that all are socially compatible. Since the appeal of collectivist/egalitarian fantasy has proven greatest in the West; it is the West that has already travelled the furthest down the road to social & cultural chaos.

What has this to do with a penchant of some Corporate managers to embrace the sloganized thinking of the Left on immigration? It suggests the tack to take to wake some of them up. To better market their wares in the world, they would be far better off to understand the nuanced differences in those cultures; to respect what they really signify. To better grasp the "downside" from the immediate benefit in cheaper labor, it is essential that they be brought to grasp the ethnic & class realities that will go with the opportunity to employ that cheaper labor. (Reality is not all good or all bad; it only tends to the latter, when it is studiously ignored by those who should know better. And it is not divisible to accommodate anyone's "wish list.") To restore mutual respect? Reject the cult of "diversity!"

William Flax

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