Is Pursuit Of "Diversity" A Return To Babel?

[Progress Or Confusion? Mipip Folly.]

July, 2011 Feature--Truth Based Logic

Misunderstood pursuit of 'diversity' & economic gimmickry undermines America's future & creates modern tower of Babel. But do last days of Rome portend death of America? Mipip Folly.

On June 3rd, former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan, guest on CNBC's Squawk Box from 8:00 - 9:00 A.M., described an economic dilemma resulting from a decline in the quality of American High School performance. He expressed alarm that the generation, being replaced in the work force by recent graduates, had achieved at a far higher level by graduation; that recent graduates, as compared to graduates in other developed nations, were at the bottom in achievement levels; that such graduates could not begin to match the productivity of those they were replacing; that, therefore, it would be very difficult for America to achieve a level of growth necessary to deal with fiscal problems looming over the economy.

The flaw in the ex-Chairman's analysis was in rejecting the idea that recent graduates lacked the mental aptitudes of the earlier generation. He cited studies of the same students at the fourth grade level, where performance was roughly equivalent to that of students in other developed nations. This led to a general discussion on how we might improve the quality of education, yet continued to miss an essential point. From business & finance oriented backgrounds, none of the participants seemed aware that racially & ethnically different populations mature at different rates; that the familiar norms for the retiring generation, reflected those of a still overwhelmingly White population in the mid-Twentieth Century; that changes in public school demographics over the past two generations, have largely increased the proportion of students from groups that have, on average, shown a clear propensity to mature earlier than White American norms in psychological testing, over the past century.

This is not to say that education cannot be improved & improved for all. However, it is essential that it be taken away from macro-planning egalitarians--the "Mipips" (Marxist influenced pseudo-intellectual poseurs), who seek to prove points that are not valid, at the expense of normal folk, who only want what is best for their children. A prerequisite for improvement is to get the Federal Government & egalitarian cloud dancers out of local education. We must allow teachers to again accept the reality that every child is different; that each child is best addressed with a clear & distinguishing awareness of the complex of traits that he or she has to work with.

Those who have deliberately (often compulsively) promoted "diversity"--both in the classroom & neighborhood--have utterly failed to recognize the consequences of what they promote. In a pursuit of a half-baked airborne goal--on the one hand, ostensively, to free America of stereotypes; on the other, to promote the notion that all peoples are basically interchangeable--they have achieved the exact opposite of actual diversity. The result is more akin to a modern Tower of Babel; where a growing educational bureaucracy is unable to effectively address the reality that every child has a different potential. In this, both nature & nurture factor--both tendencies inherited & tendencies resulting from experience. In the fantasy world the "Mipip" offers, each child is to some degree stultified by a substitution of egalitarian mythology for experience based understanding.

What we have, then, is not a failure of a once adequate educational system to maintain high standards, but a confusion by ideologues, who have corrupted its focus in trying to prove what cannot be proven. That these ideologues reflect the same fancy driven theories that promoted both a Welfare State that undermines personal responsibility--the essential prerequisite for social progress--and an immigration policy actually hostile to the rooted population, only aggravates the problem. The confluence of this educational decline with the greatest fiscal irresponsibility that the Keynesians have yet produced, certainly portends an approaching crisis of epic proportions. In failing to recognize an essential factor, ex-Chairman Greenspan understated the actual danger.

A Modern Tower Of Babel Or The Fall Of Rome?

In adopting an immigration policy in 1965, which replaced an immigration policy based upon national origins of the existing population with one that deliberately favored those with the least in common with that population, "Mipips" did not achieve actual diversity; rather they endeavored to homogenize people in a humanist experiment. A realistic quest for actual diversity--as normal folk, on a foreign vacation, or even in a visit to a well established community in a different region of America--would encourage people to continue to develop & perfect varied cultures; to build providently on ancestral achievements, spiritual, cultural & material. This is hardly what has been going on! Rather, a succession of deliberate egalitarian humanist experiments have confused most people's sense of identity; confounding the very continuity of any unique existence. The "Mipip," with similar hubris, has recreated a social condition that led to the Biblical tower at Babel.

Like Nimrod's humanist overreach, the "Mipip" project is unlikely to be completed. This does not minimize the damage already caused by progress towards a confused (perhaps treasonous) objective. In Chapter XVI of our Debate Handbook (Myths & Myth Makers In American "Higher" Education), we described a multi-disciplined pursuit of World Government by Leftist theorists, all playing down, if not denying, qualities which make any people unique. The ideological foundation was (& is) rationalized upon a never demonstrated--easily disproven--theory that all major human differences are determined by social environment; the pursuit, usually rationalized as a way to achieve peace on earth, or as a way to end ethnic & religious based cruelty. Yet even a half-baked notion, that the fantasy based proclamation of human interchangeability will somehow make people more respectful of one another, is belied by experience.

Wherever one looks, the Egalitarian/environmentalist achievement has been to increase the level of inter-group hatred & dissension; to encourage the breakdown in the family; ever greater dependence upon Government; ever greater demands for those who do not, in fact, find themselves equal, for more & more totalitarian intervention by centralized authority. The result, everywhere such factors are in place, is to restrict normal dynamic interactive adaption to the actual needs of any moment; a diminution in the propensity to seek excellence rather than conformity; a destruction of the qualities that differentiate between individuals, communities & nations--qualities that allow each nation, each community, to build a culture that incorporates what is best in its varied nature & perspective, in its own multi-generational quest.

As with Nimrod's project at Babel in ancient Mesopotamia, the pursuit or embrace of a common social/environmental determinant for all prospective human action, involves more hubris (hubriety, the pride that goeth before a fall) than does any experience based purpose. One pattern does not fit all human aspiration; the pursuit of one pattern--one grandiose & arrogant project, premised upon a fantasy of human oneness--diverts from the varied pursuits of diverse peoples, from which so much of Man's genuine progress, both material & cultural has sprung. In contrast to the hubristic humanist pursuit at Babel, consider the multi-generational pursuits of the earths' diverse peoples, the purpose, an ongoing, improving future; the inspiration, emulation of the character & achievement of those who have blazed a path; a constructive pride that urges, not arrogance, but a desire to live up to the standard of the best of one's forebears, yet providing a clear model for those of more humble lineage, to aspire to achieve--to follow in the footsteps (to emulate) those who made the good life possible.

Whether literal or allegorical, the confounding of language that arrested the Tower at Babel, freed the tribes from a stultifying collectivist human overreach: The result, new nations, each free to develop its own unique approach to the cultural pursuit. The cosmopolitan alternative--seen in the fall of Rome & tragically again today in many world cities, where sloganized thinking has replaced calmer, more sustaining, identification with multi-generation purpose--led not to exceptional pursuits, but to a collapse of the social infrastructure, which had lost connection to its roots. (While it might be argued that this was also the result at Babel, the notion is contradicted by the genealogical passages in Genesis X, which suggest a continuity both before and after the mistake at Babel.)

Thus, while "Mipips," demanding collectivist/humanist projects & pursuit of "diversity" at the expense of continuity as an ongoing objective, may seek a return to Babel; their success may be leading to something yet worse. America, today, seems far more likely to experience a fall like that of Rome, than the more benign dissolution at Babel. There is here--as in Rome--all the disincentives to personal responsibility; hubris rather than the experience based values that had built the uprooted social infrastructure over generations in a better focused era. In place of emulation (applied inspiration from identified past achievement), we--as they--have been dismantling the noblest of such achievements; the driving motivation, now, the envy & resentment of those who have lagged, directed by demagogues & guilt tormented neurotics against those once emulated.

In this Mipip induced loss of identification with the fundamental principles & wise leaders, who brought us to world power and influence--with what once provided spiritual insight & a truly good life;--we have devolved to a state of confusion from which extrication becomes daily more difficult. It is in this loss of the multi-generational purpose that is the life-blood of any people, that you will find the cause for the broadening spectrum of social & economic problems that increasingly dominate our current affairs. While the humanist folly at Babel--however absurd--was largely a project of the moment, led from the top by a charismatic aspirant, America--as Rome--has allowed generations of false prophets to undermine the continuity of both her people & institutions. The crisis is obvious. Survival depends on what we do about it.

William Flax

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