A Lesson In Absurdity

November, 2014 Feature--Truth Based Logic

Absurdity of social experiments intended to increase level of cultural diversity in communities; damage to all ethnic communities from such; undermining normal incentives to beneficial behavior.

We have noted, in many pieces, obvious fallacies in the contemporary frenzy of the Left to promote "diversity." In some, we have emphasized the fact that virtually all facets of that promotion are destructive to a profound actual diversity in the human species: Of fascinating variations in Mankind that have developed, often through natural selection, over uncounted generations of struggle, failure & achievement. Of variations in heritable traits that reflect distinct personalities & proclivities, both physical & emotional, which have interacted with physical environment & social history, to gradually produce an impressive tapestry of cultural diversity among the races, nations, tribes & communities, of a truly varied humanity.

One can no more promote--or even hope to sustain--such actual diversification, by deliberately mixing the varied peoples in their varied home environments by experiments in social engineering, than one can promote a "diversification" of milk & cream by the process of homogenization. It is not that there has not always been interaction, in varying degrees--sometimes savage & hostile, sometimes benign & mutually beneficial (particularly in the Christian era)--between varied peoples. It is not that efforts to promote mutual respect, good will & peaceful relations, should not be encouraged--indeed, actively promoted. But that is not what has been involved, in any sense, in deliberate attacks on ethnic identity; or in immigration policies that seek to change the ethnic character of communities, States or regions; or in general claims that there is social benefit in a "multi-culturalism" that attacks the cultural integrity & traditional cohesion of the diverse peoples of the earth.

However, our premise here, is that our earlier efforts understated the real case against the present social engineering, in the name of "diversity," which afflicts the West. Let us look again at the actual dynamics of human interaction.

Absurdity Compounded

1. In a short Footnote to several relevant articles, we demonstrated a compulsion driven aspect to the egalitarian agitation that accompanies the pursuit of "cultural diversity." Despite the actual diversity, "Mankind" is the only subject of great human interest--animate or inanimate--where those who prattle about "diversity" the most, seek to ignore--even suppress--study of the factual extent of that diversity, particularly as it relates to aptitudes.

What is especially poignant, in the American context, is that Thomas Jefferson--falsely & mischievously claimed by some Egalitarians, for language in the Declaration of Independence, clearly taken out of context--specifically chided his fellow countrymen for not studying the three principal races on the American sub-continent, as objects of Natural History.

2. Mutual respect starts with self-respect. We would suggest that those who lack self-respect, lack the capacity to fully respect others. They may "look up" to others. They may fear others. They may honor others. But they lack a significant part of a contextual appreciation of how a cohesive society functions from the standpoint of the individuals, who must provide the human material for each necessary function. This is because they lack important elements of a personal awareness, required to fully understand the phenomena involved.

3. The premise that you can deliberately engineer drastic changes in the demographics of their neighborhoods, without damage to the cultural heritage of any people, can hardly be argued. To the extent that diverse groups honestly try to get along--and who would suggest that there is a social benefit to anyone in antagonism among neighbors--there is still growing distraction from the usual ways in which communities pass on their values & build on their heritage. This will show up in the manner, and to the extent, in which they celebrate their unique history, values, heroes & role models. If the effect is amiable on both the rooted & new residents, we may have an analogy to that homogenization of milk & cream. That, not "diversity," is the best that can be hoped for.

But the cultist image of a polyglot assemblage singing "Kumbaya" or "We Are The World," is more the stuff of fantasy than serious reflection. It shows little understanding of the dynamics of human society. Nor is the imagined benefit to those peoples, selected by social engineers to bring "diversity," to those fancied as "over-privileged" or culturally isolated, based upon such an understanding.

4. Conservatives, who attack "multi-culturalism" primarily by contrasting crime patterns, the breakdown of the family or dependence on Welfare or public assistance amongst racial or ethnic groups, miss a yet more convincing argument. (This is true, in part, because much of America's youth has been conditioned to automatically reject unfavorable racial comparisons; conditioned to believe that most differences in performance flow from some form of cultural "injustice." That the "injustice" may exist only in the imagination of an indoctrinated teacher, is not the point.)

"Multi-culturalism" tends very clearly, even as historic analysis would suggest, to undermine the social mores of every people afflicted by it. People who share a common history, common identity, common values, folklore & purpose, find in that very identification, the most powerful incentive to adhere to established behavioral norms. When you break down that sense of community norms, of seeking to measure up to what family & neighbors expect of one, you undermine behavioral characteristics, forged over many generations of striving to find what works to best effect. Thus, there is a considerable contrast between the social health of families in ethnic communities that have not been afflicted with experiments in "multi-culturalism"--or with those who have, but before such experiments--and the social health of the same communities, after those experiments commence.

Thus the percentage of out-of-wedlock births--a key indicator of social disintegration--exploded for both Whites & Blacks, after the major effort to force mixing in the 1960s. Thus, there is a correlation between crime rates & the level of "multi-culturalism," in cities around the world; a contrast also evident in comparison of a natural low crime rate, in many tribal homelands, with soaring crime rates in urban milieus where people from distinctly different tribal heritages are thrown together. The notion that "multi-culturalism" is beneficial to anyone, is supported by neither experience or reason. As every variety of humanist egalitarianism (The Greatest Mischief Ever), it tends to bring out the worst in each of us.


In the end, we come back to a reality of social interaction. The solution to inter-group problems is in learning to respect our differences. But that is not augmented by outrageous experiments intended to break down any people's sense of heritage or comfort in their traditional patterns of association. What has been afflicting the West, in recent decades, is absurd upon its face. There are conflicting varieties of pride. These include "hubris," the pride that "goeth before a fall," and the constructive pride of a principled people, which makes one seek to measure up to an ancient standard--forged not in theory, but in experience--to avoid such fall. Civilized man pays a terrible price, when he loses the latter.

William Flax

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