David Frum To Haiti Project

David Frum, Canadian emigrant and expatriate, Yale pseudo-Conservative, and for a brief time Presidential speech writer, has written a book in which he advocates--with no real pretense to Constitutional authority--sending America's sons (and as a fake Conservative, daughters) to die in order to support a theory: That imposing Democracy on the Near & Middle Easts by force is, in some imagined sense, in America's long term interest. While some may snicker at the sophomorish quality of a man who would advocate killing others to make them "Democratic," as some would snicker at the idea of killing others to make them free; there is nothing really funny about a verbal spin Doctor or apprentice, demanding that the United States of America, which he has adopted, sacrifice their youth for his theories.

But we would be charitable, even to David Frum, an arrogant fellow, who has not hestitated to insult rooted and respected American Conservatives, such as Pat Buchanan and the late Strom Thurmond & their values, in an apparent effort to redefine "Conservatism" into some sort of Revolutionary movement, which does not conserve, but promotes what may best be described as an alternative form of Marxism--a fusion, where forced Egalitarianism coexists with a variety of borderless, unrooted, Corporate Capitalism.

What we suggest is that some Conservative group, with a few Dollars to spare, organize a David Frum to Haiti project. Let us start a fund, which others can support, to send the Yale graduate to Haiti, maybe even with some translations of his book into Haitian French, and give him an opportunity to do what President Clinton sought to do: Impose a true working Democracy on Haiti.

Suggestions for the development of this project are welcome. We do not desire exclusivity or even recognition for our authorship. We would be happy either to see a recognized and respected Conservative group take it up, or have a "Liberal" group, which admires Frum, take it up and enjoy full credit among the World's "Do Gooder" societies and organizations. Alternatively, we would be happy to serve on a committee overseeing its execution. The important thing, at this crucial moment in Haitian history, when many may be disparaging the Clintonian experiment, the Clinton legacy, is that we send the most enthusiastic champion of forced Democratization down there; that we determine, once and for the moment, at least, if his theories--or Bill Clinton's theories--have any substance to them; if they are entitled to any credibility whatsoever.

We are being more than fair. Haiti is right off our Southern shores. The Middle East is on the other side of the earth. Let us give David Frum a chance to demonstrate to the World that he is not living a pipe dream; that he is not just another Ivy League crack-pot & air head. If he can save the "Clinton Legacy"--prove that Democracy can work in the Third World--we will be impressed. But, in the meanwhile he should not try to impose that legacy, or the theories that motivated the former President, on the Republican Party.

William Flax [Truth Based Logic]

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